2n1 Freezer/ Workstation

Invisible Lid, the clever way.

  • new breakthrough in open-air cooling technologies

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2n1 Freezer/ Workstation

Open-Air Technology

With the challenges of today and the importance of maintaining the integrity of cold products while being handled, the Clean-Air freezer has been cleverly designed into a 2n1 Freezer/ workstation to create and then maintain an ultra-low workstation with holding temperatures down to as low as -40°C.

Through constant research and development, we have integrated an open-air cooling or what we like call an Invisible Lid into the freezer itself with vents surrounding the upper internal sides of the freezer that work to lock the cold air in and create the ultra-low workstation environment.


2n1 Freezer/ Workstation
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Improving- Carbon Footprint

Through innovation each freezer presents an opportunity to reduce direct and indirect emissions.
The rewards!
A reduce carbon footprint benefit to the client.


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