BnZ Vac Freezer (-86C)


B&Z Refrigeration Solutions offer customized, ultra-low temperature medical freezers at competitive prices, whilst providing the highest quality & workmanship. They have been designed with specialized insulation foam to maximiser efficiency & can maintain temperatures as low as minus 86 degrees Celsius with minimal output.

Our custom-made freezers have proven themselves, often under the harshest conditions, time & time again to perform with efficiency & can achieve, then maintain, temperatures as low as minus 86 degrees celsius with minimal output. Through the specialised design, vacuum panels, use of the most reputable parts & latest technology these ultra-low freezers perform with maximum effectiveness at a very low cost.


Specially insulated foam walls

Real time data & analysis software

Ultra-low -86oC temperature

Touch control security

Internal chamber customisation


Internal storage chambers are fully customisable to meet your bespoke storage needs, make access easier and keep sensitive goods, such as vaccines, safer during storage. The visual aesthetic of the freezers is also customisable, and the entire unit can be branding, identity and color way.

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