BnZ Vac Freezer (-86C)


B&Z Refrigeration Solutions offer customised, ultra-low temperature medical freezer at competitive prices whilst providing the highest quality & workmanship. Our custom-made freezers have proven themselves, often under the harshest conditions, time & time again to perform with efficiency.

They have been technically designed with specialised insulation foam to maximise efficiency & can achieve, then maintain, temperatures as low as minus 86 degrees celsius with minimal output. Through the specialised design, vacuum panels, use of the most reputable parts & latest technology these ultra-low freezers perform with maximum effectiveness at a very low cost.


Specially insulated foam walls

Low 10-amp power supply

Ultra-low -86oC temperature

Easy to use touch panel

Vacuum panel technology



What can it do for your business?

Results data (including that from a leading Australian company) shows that, in some cases, these insulated boxes can reduce dry ice usage by up to 80% & where long-distance transport is required, duration at the required temperature can be increased by >400%. The custom box design doesn’t only reduce dry ice consumption but increases efficiency & reduces costs making it a viable alternative for many customers.

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