Plasma Relabelling Freezer

The blood plasma relabelling process is solely reliant on using large amounts of hazardous & expensive dry ice to maintain the integrity of samples whilst they are being worked on. What if there was an alternative solution that could remove dry ice from this process altogether?

The team at B&Z have developed a revolutionary new freezer called the CleanAir. A unique, open-air freezer specifically designed for the blood plasma re-labeling process & it has completely changed the way the staff in this industry perform their invaluable work.


Open air technology design

Low 10-amp power supply

-35oC holding temperature capacity

One touch operation

Vacuum panel technology



The CleanAir freezer uses an innovative new design to create an ultra-cold environment, with minimum benchmarks of below -25 Celsius, enabling blood plasma samples within the tub to maintain the correct temperature range ensuring quality is met without the need for a lid or doors.The design & functionality has been perfected over time through R&D so that the CleanAir can be operated by all staff. The freezers are programmed & customised specifically for each client’s needs so that functionality is at its simplest to provide a more efficient working environment.

Is CleanAir for you?

This easy-to-use design was made with staff safety & simplifying their daily procedures in mind. Not only do staff no longer have to handle hazardous dry ice but the CleanAir can be adjusted to suit an individual’s needs thus reducing health & safety hazards in the workplace. By eliminating dry ice usage during the daily re-labelling process we’re not only saving customers money but we’re reducing the carbon footprint & making labs a safer place to work.

What can it do for your business?

Results data (including that from a leading Australian company) shows that, in some cases, these insulated boxes can reduce dry ice usage by up to 80% & where long-distance transport is required, duration at the required temperature can be increased by >400%. The custom box design doesn’t only reduce dry ice consumption but increases efficiency & reduces costs making it a viable alternative for many customers.

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