Cryo-Pallet Cooler


Intrinsically inspired by change and motivated to improve our products, services and situations—we are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative and new product to our cooling equipment range, that delivers practical advancement, whilst powerfully providing a robust and safer solution to the transportation of temperature sensitive cargo.

With the capacity to reach temperatures down to minus 35 degrees celsius, our recent ideation —The Cryo-Pallet Cooler—will fundamentally change the transportation industry, offering a solution that will maintain the integrity of temperature sensitive goods and guarantee a safer delivery method for customer.


Reliable Technology

Energy Saving


Intelligent temperature control


Cryocooler Technology

Just as an electric motor can be used in reverse as a generator, energy can be placed into a Stirling engine and run backwards, effectively removing the heat and expelling it at the source. This process turns a Stirling engine into a “cryocooler” — a very efficient cooling device.



The structural design of the Cryo-Pallet Cooler offers a variety of stacking and storage arrangements that can be used across warehouse spaces and transportation vehicles.

This technology combined with flexible power supply options, makes the Cryo-Pallet Cooler the most reliable option for transporting temperature sensitive cargo.

What can it do for your business?

We simply cannot continue to trust the failure-prone, compressor-based technology we’ve been using for decades and this cooler’s technology, together with a robust structural design and optional added safety measures means our customers can deliver to theirs with confidence. Your business can offer safe and reliable cooling with no limitations on timeframes or external weather conditions during transport and can even be used as a short-term storage unit at the destination.

The Cryo-Pallet Cooler is the ideal logistical solution for delivering temperature-sensitive cargo, in bulk, by any means of transport.

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