Cryo-Trolley Cooler


Many of the current strategies used for storage and service of consumable goods, such as wet ice, dry ice, frozen cooling products or equipment with built-in refrigerant systems, are simply not designed to meet the strict safety requirements and often harsh transport conditions. These outdated cold-chain methods pose an increased potential for risk or failure if they continue to be used.

The Cryo-Trolley Cooler’s technology is an advancement that will instil users with confidence, as contents can now be stored, transported and supplied to consumers safely — knowing that quality standards and integrity of goods will not be compromised under any travel conditions.


Intelligent temperature control

Logistical Flexibility

Low Maintenance

Energy Saving

Reliable Technology

Cryo-Cooler Technology

Just as an electric motor can be used in reverse as a generator, energy can be placed into a Stirling engine and run backwards, effectively removing the heat and expelling it at the source. This process turns a Stirling engine into a “cryocooler” — a very efficient cooling device.



Our Cryo-Trolley Coolers are fully customisable and available in 2 standard sizes depending on operational requirements. The coolers are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre compared to other portable refrigeration units and the finished product can be branded to represent your company identity, marketing strategies, colour preference or simply to assist with identification and administration.

What can it do for your business?

With either the 190L or 370L internal volume option, a low maintenance and robust structural design plus available added safety measures the Cryo-Trolley Cooler offers reliable transport, storage and delivery of temperature sensitive consumables — under any conditions.

The flexibility of power supply means our customers can now safely deliver their goods via air, road, sea or rail at temperatures between 8°C to -30°C with no limitations on time-frames. They can even be used as a storage unit at the destination if there is a lack of appropriate equipment.

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