Portable ULT Vaccine Freezer ( -80°C )

Portable ULT Vaccine Freezer (-86°C)

The Portable ULT Vaccine Freezer is Australia’s COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation solution. The new freezer technology is an advancement that will instil confidence, as vaccines will be supplied and stored safely—knowing that the integrity and efficacy of the vaccine roll-out has not been compromised.

Reaching temperatures down to minus 80 degrees celsius —the -80°C Portable ULT Vaccine Freezer—will fundamentally change the market, offering a solution that will maintain the COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and long-term viability.


Logistical Flexibility

Energy saving

Intelligent temperature control

Flexiable and reliable power supply

Nil Maintenance


Cryocooler Technology

Just as an electric motor can be used in reverse as a generator, energy can be placed into a Stirling engine and run backwards, effectively removing the heat and expelling it at the source. This process turns a Stirling engine into a “cryocooler” — a very efficient cooling device.


No more wasted
vaccines with -80oC
portable cooling.


Biotech & Pharmaceutical

Energy & Chemical


Food and Logistics



Our portable freezers are fully customisable and available in a variety sizes depending on your operational requirements. Internal chambers can be moulded to suit your needs & sensitive goods such as blood, plasma and platelets can be stored and supplied safely, knowing that the integrity won’t be compromised.

The freezers are lightweight compared to other portable units and the finished product can be branded to represent your company identity and colour way

What can it do for your business?

Current logistical strategies are reliant on either dry ice being used throughout the entire journey, often needing a ‘top-up’ during travel, or by using specialized vehicles with built-in generator systems. These current cold chain problems will mean wasted and unusable vaccine deliveries if they continue to be used.

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