Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Adjustable workstation height?

The 2n1 Freezer/ Workstation has an electric lifting mechanism built within the unit.  This allows any staff member regardless of height to safely work on there cold products without bending over.

Can I get any cold frost burns while leaning on the workstation?

No!  The exterior walls and surfaces have a layer of cold protection to eliminate this.


We build all our 2n1 Freezer/ Workstations specialised to the clients environment and requirements.

Do you do any Demos?

Yes!  Depending on the client, we can supply reviews or a unit to trial.

Feet Clearance while working?

Yes!  The 2n1 Freezer/ Workstation has space for feet including large wheels for easy manoeuvrability

Why does the 2n1 Freezer/ Workstation have an invisible Lid?

The 2n1 Freezer/ Workstation doesn’t have a fixed mechanical lid, it uses an airstream similar to an air curtain.  This allows staff the opportunity to work on cold products without opening and closing lids.

What Temperature ranges do you cater for?

The inner working environment can be automatically set within temperature ranges from 0 degrees to -40 degrees.